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Why Great Canadian Gateway???

Great Canadian Gateway is a reputable Canadian immigration consulting firm; whose expertise and specialty is in assisting those who would like to temporarily or permanently reside in Canada. We offer an all-inclusive type of service relevant to immigrating to Canada where you will be supported from beginning (explaining the process and procedures, completing and submitting the necessary Canadian immigration application forms) till the end (pre-departure discussion on what to expect, welcoming you upon your arrival in Canada, showing you around your new city). You can find these services in our resource page.

Our headquarters can be found in Vancouver, British Columbia, the beautiful West Coast of Canada. Great Canadian Gateway also has a base in Asia — Manila, Philippines to be exact and we are looking to further develop our global presence.

1.  Foundation of Great Canadian Gateway

Great Canadian Gateway’s foundation, business practice and morals are based on honesty, integrity, and accountability to our clients, partners, and the public.

We strongly believe in our duty to be extremely forthright in letting people know whether they qualify for immigration to Canada; or if it is necessary to take certain steps prior to commencing the immigration application in order to have a more successful application. Great Canadian Gateway only take on clients whose applications we consider very likely to receive a positive review. Of course, if a client wishes to pursue an application after our professional opinion is made known that it might not be a successful case; we will still passionately and wholeheartedly complete and support their Canadian immigration application.

2.  Regulated Canadian Immigration Specialist, Member of ICCRC & Authorized Representative

Logo of the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council)

Great Canadian Gateway is an Authorized Canadian Immigration Representative recognized by the Canadian Government, a Registered Canadian Immigration Specialist and a member in good standing of the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) — the council appointed  by the Canadian Government to regulate it’s members and the Canadian immigration industry. This ensures consumers that immigration consultants have done their due diligence as it is required by the ICCRC. Members also have to go through formal schooling, pass a rigorous government test, submit a police clearance certificate and comply with ICCRC’s professional code of conduct. Because we are authorized representatives, our Canadian immigration expert’s name is always included in our clients applications. We are confident in our work and service and are not afraid for our name to be attached to our clients. Non-authorized individuals are not legally allowed to advise or represent anyone in regards to any Canadian immigration matter and they will not risk attaching their name to any Canadian immigration applications.

Click on this link to learn more about the advantages of availing of Great Canadian Gateway services and the dangers of dealing with someone unauthorized representatives.

3.  Registered Immigration Consulting Firm

Great Canadian Gateway is an incorporated business, registered with the Canadian Federal Government and the Provincial Government of British Columbia.

4.  Member of CAPIC

Great Canadian Gateway is also a member of CAPIC (Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants), the largest association of Canadian immigration specialists.  This equips members with a huge support network and expertise in all areas of Canadian immigration.

5.  Educational Partnerships

Great Canadian Gateway are educational partners with some of the most elite schools in Canada. Our relationship with them ensures international students an effortless enrolment  process and transition to the Canadian educational system.

 6.  Flexible Payment Plans

Great Canadian Gateway appreciates that the Canadian immigrating process can be long and costly, but we also realize that it is an invaluable and priceless process that can have an extensive and long-lasting impact on those brave enough to go through this course of action. Our payments are usually broken into 3 or 4 payments by milestone; in order to support our clients. We can implement a payment scheme that works for both  our clients and Great Canadian Gateway.

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