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Jacquelyn Co — Managing Director of Great Canadian Gateway

Jacquelyn Co is the Managing Director of Great Canadian Gateway. Having graduated from the University of British Columbia armed with a diploma in Canadian Immigration: Laws, Policies and Procedures, her expertise lies in Canadian immigration. An immigrant herself who relocated to Canada over 17 years ago, Jacquelyn Co, has first hand experience of the Canadian immigration process and everything that comes with starting a new life in Canada. But, as proven today with her successful business, it was worth the undertaking and has shaped her to into a well equipped individual to help others do the same.

With Great Canadian Gateway, Jacquelyn Co, personally handles and manages all clients and cases. Her years of experience with international clients, love of travelling, and friendships cultivated with people all over the world; ensures a smooth and personalized process for each and every one of her clients.

Allow Jacquelyn Co to open the gateway of Canada for you.


A Word From Ms. Jacquelyn Co

Hi and welcome to Great Canadian Gateway. Thank you for choosing to share precious minutes of your day with us.

As a reputable and ethical Canadian Immigration Firm, Great Canadian Gateway is much more than an immigration consulting company or business. I am driven, everyday, to improve the lives of people, who see Canada as a potential to elevate their future by providing an impeccable level of service in our industry. Our service is having an impact on people around the world.

The roadmap for Great Canadian Gateway is to deliver my hope and  vision — prosperous lives for more people. Life that thrives. I aim to lead with world-class quality, and by delivering with utmost integrity, as well as absolute respect, services to clients and partners, enhancing lives that we come in contact with.

Great Canadian Gateway is building on the inspiration of the people it serves. We are dedicated to the people we serve.

You will find a myriad of information regarding Canada in these pages. I would like to take this opportunity and welcome you to explore Great Canadian Gateway. Learn more about Canadian immigration options available to you or simply enhance your knowledge about Canada.


Jacquelyn Co

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