Great Canadian Gateway — Our Benefits, Your Advantages, ICCRC and Bill C-35

The table below shows the difference and benefits of working with Great Canadian Gateway; where we always have your best interest in mind and you are our most important priority.

Importance and Effect of Bill C-35

On June 30, 2012, the Canadian government implemented Bill C-35. Bill C-35 created a new offence by extending the prohibition against representing or advising persons for consideration—or offering to do so—to all stages in connection with a proceeding or application under the IRPA, including before a proceeding has been commenced or an application has been made, and provides for penalties in case of contravention — unless they are registered with the ICCRC, a lawyer, paralegal, or member of the Chambre des notaires du Québec. Great Canadian Gateway is a registered member of ICCRC.

Some examples of advising or representing a client:

  • Explaining and provide advice on someone’s immigration options;
  • Providing guidance to a client on how to select the best immigration stream and completing the appropriate forms;
  • Communicating with CIC / Canada Border Services Agency / Immigration and Refugee Board on someone’s behalf;
  • Representing someone in an immigration application or proceeding;
  • Representing someone in an Arranged Employment Opinion or Labour Market Opinion application; and
  • Advertising that they can provide immigration advice.

What Sets Great Canadian Gateway Apart

GREAT CANADIAN GATEWAY Unauthorized Provider of Immigration Services
Accountable to ICCRC; complaints are taken seriously Not accountable to anyone
Monitored by ICCRC; non-compliance is taken seriously Operates unknown to authorities
Supported by ICCRC to enhance quality of services Not supported by anyone
Knowledgeable and informed on immigration law and Canadian immigration system No education prerequisite on immigration issues
Proficient in English or French May be unable to communicate properly in English or French
Required to abide by stringent ethical and professional rules that are designed to protect consumers Not subject to any ethical requirements
Possess valid Errors and Omissions Insurance for enhanced consumer protection May not have any Errors and Omissions Insurance
Work with agents known to ICCRC  No information on their associates or agents
Required to provide evidence of good character prior to becoming Regulated May have committed fraudulent or illegal activities in the past

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