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In this Canada immigration resources page you will find information that our clients have asked us about that are pertinent to immigrating to Canada. Here you will find various information about Canada, the IELTS1 exam and some sample tests, Canadian Citizenship Guide -Discover Canada, weather data of the 10 provinces and 3 territories, etc.

Map of Canada
Canadian Immigration Resources

About Canada

  • Canada, as we know it, came to be on July 1, 1867.
  • Canada has two official languages — English and French.
  • Canada is the second largest country (Russia being the first).
  • Canada’s current populations is around 35 million people. This means that there are only 3.6 people per square km.
  • Canadian students have always ranked in the top 5 when compared to 65 other countries.
  • Canada has more women than men.
  • Canada is the largest producer of uranium in the world.
  • Canada is home to the largest fresh water island in the world, Manitoulin Island, in Lake Huron.
  • Canada is home to 15 million cattle, most of them living in the Prairies.
  • Every year, Canada has welcomed over 250,000 permanent residents. Include foreign students and foreign workers, that number balloons to over 550,000 people.
  • Ontario is the most populated province, while Nunavut Territory is the least populated.
  • 18% of Canada’s population are immigrants.

The English Language and Canada Connection

Canada Immigration ResourcesKnowledge of the English language is one of the bigger factors in determining entry to Canada. It is strongly believed one’s ability to communicate in English influences the immigrants success level once in Canada. That’s why it is now mandatory for almost everyone who applies as a Canadian immigrant to prove their capability by taking an English language exam. IELTS2 is the most common English test taken. Another test accepted is CELPIP3.

It helps to familiarize yourself with the format of the IELTS exam. The examples shown are the format of what to be expected during the examination. Take me to IELTS page.

Discover CCanadian Citizenship Study Guide Great Canadian Gateway Canada Immigrationanada – Canadian Citizenship Guide

Download the Canadian Citizenship Guide – Discover Canada.

Canada, It’s Provinces and the WeatherCanada Immigration Resources

The weather in Canada varies dramatically depending on your location in the country. You can be skiing in the morning, kayaking during lunch, and playing golf in the afternoon! Below is the average temperatures across Canada and each respective provinces and territories capital. We hear a lot of people saying that Canada is too cold. Well, there are people living in these places — with the proper clothing, you’ll find yourself playing in the snow, making snow angels as well.

City/Province Average Temperature
Vancouver, British Columbia 3° to 23° Celsius
Edmonton, Alberta -18° to 23° Celsius
Regina, Saskatchewan -35° to 30° Celsius
Winnipeg, Manitoba -20° to 26° Celsius
Toronto, Ontario -8° to 27° Celsius
Quebec, Quebec -17° to 26° Celsius
Fredericton, New Brunswick -8.5° to 25° Celsius
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island -13° to 24° Celsius
Halifax, Nova Scotia -10° to 23° Celsius
St. John's, Newfoundland -8° to 20° Celsius
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory -22° to 21° Celsius
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories -31° to 21° Celsius
Iqaluit, Nunavut -32° to 12° Celsius

View the current weather in any city or province in Canada

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