Business Immigrants

The Canada business immigration program targets people with business or managerial experience who are able to stimulate the Canadian economy or those with a high net worth.

Business Immigrant

There are several options for business immigrants who are interested in making an investment or purchase, acquire, or start a business in Canada. Your net worth must be of a certain amount. The federal business immigration program is available to you.

Federal Business Immigration Program

The following are two options available to business immigrants who qualify:

**All dollar amounts on this page are shown in Canadian currency.**

1. Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) Pilot Program

This program is for international investors who have the skills and abilities to contribute to the Canadian economy and also integrate into the Canadian society. Permanent Residence is possible under this Pilot Program.

The Investor Immigrant Venture Capital Pilot Program qualifications are:

  • Have a minimum net worth of $10 million or more, legally and lawfully acquired;
  • Invest at least $2 million or more, non-guaranteed, in the IIVC Fund for approximately 15 years;
  • Have proficiency in English or French with a minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB);
  • Completion of at least 1 year of Canadian post-secondary education or the equivalent;
  • Not be inadmissible to Canada.

****Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) Pilot Program has re-opened. CIC will be accepting application from May 25 to December 30, 2015 with a cap of 60 applications.****

 2. Start-Up Visa   

This program is for entrepreneurs with the skills and potential to build innovative businesses in Canada that can create jobs for Canadians.

The Start-Up Visa Program eligibility requirements are:

  • Prove business is supported by a designated organization and have a Letter of Support;
  • Show business meets the ownership requirements;
  • Have proficiency in English or French with a minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB);
  • Have sufficient settlement funds.

3. Self-employed

As a self-employed person, you must:

  • Have relevant experience in cultural activities, athletics or farm management within the past 5 years;
  • Have the intention and ability to establish a business that will create employment for yourself;
  • Make significant contribution to cultural activities, athletics, or purchase and manage a farm in Canada;
  • Have enough money to support yourself and your family members after you arrive in Canada.

***If these qualifications do not apply to you, check out the Provincial Nominee Program page. This program carries different requirements from the above which you may meet.***

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