Provincial Nominee Program

Canada established the Provincial Nominee Program when the federal government realized that the provinces’ demands for immigrants were not uniform throughout the country. Each provinces’ immigration needs varied from one another. The creation of the Provincial Nominee Program allows provinces to accelerate the application for permanent residency of immigrants who were deemed necessary to its specific economy and who intend to reside in that province.Great Canadian Gateway Canada Immigration Authorized Representative

No points are used in the evaluation for this program — unlike the Federal Skilled Worker program. It is a pass or fail system. Successful medical examination and a positive police clearance is necessary for an affirmative result.

two-step process

First step is application to the province or territory. Once that application is completed and approved, a nomination certificate will be issued. The criteria for nomination widely varies and is directed by the different provinces or territories. The second step is to make a separate application for permanent residence to Citizenship and Immigration Canada when the nomination certificate is issued. Those who immigrate under the Provincial Nominee Program can instantly contribute to the economy of the province due to their education, skills and work experience; and can prove that they can successfully establish themselves in the province that nominates them.

Example of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs by category:

  • ***New Express Entry – same requirements and the Federal Express Entry System.
  • Business immigrants or investors – requires a certain net worth, business experience, and is applicant driven.  Applicants must also have intend to invest in Canada;
  • Skilled workers – this is employer driven, where applicants must have a job offer before applying;
  • International students or graduates – for graduates of public post-secondary institutions in Canada;
  • Family sponsorship – applicants with family or other close connections to a province may be eligible for some provincial programs;
  • Self-employed farmer – applicants must already be farm owners with proven farm-management skills.  Must be able to buy and manage a farm in Canada;
  • Entry-level workers – this is employer driven, where applicants must have a job offer before applying.

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