Canadian Experience Class

What is the Canadian Experience Class?

Canada Immigration Being CanadianThe Canadian Experience Class immigration category is for temporary foreign workers, foreign students or graduates of a Canadian post-secondary school, who have established themselves in Canada and have adapted to the Canadian lifestyle. Canada welcomes you. The Canadian Experience Class is one way for these individuals to become permanent residents in Canada. The province of Quebec does not participate in this program but has its own parallel immigration stream.

A highlight of this program is that applicants can remain in Canada throughout the application process. As of January 2015, the Express Entry system is used for people to apply in this immigration program.

Canadian Experience Class Minimum Requirements

  • have ONE year1 of full-time skilled work2 in Canada in the three years before applying3;
  • gain the skilled work experience with proper authorization;
  • plan to live outside the province of Quebec;
  • prove proficiency in English or French4.

****If you think you qualify for the Canadian Experience Class class because you are a temporary foreign worker or student, you may also qualify under the Provincial Nominee Program.****

For further information, please contact us through email, phone, or Great Canadian Gateway‘s  online messaging system.

  1. 12 months []
  2. Managerial occupations, professional occupations, or technical occupations and skilled trades []
  3. Self-employment and work experience gained while a full-time student does not count under this program []
  4. If skilled work experience in Canada is in a NOC 0 or A job, minimum level is CLB 7 or NCLC 7; if in a NOC B job, minimum level is CLB 5 or NCLC 5 []